The Ritmo Jazz Group was founded by Hans Deyssenroth in 2004 from of a percussion session group that had practised with a wide variety of musicians for many years (core group: Marcel Althaus, Rolf Mueller, Juerg Scherrer). Four or sometimes five percussionists now provide a unique groove and the jazz improvisers are inspired by these powerful rhythms. The group is still experimenting to find the best way to interweave all the instrumental sounds.

The repertoire is a mixture of jazz and salsa standards, African songs and their own compositions. Integrating the african djembe and the talking drum goes beyond the limitations of conventional latin jazz. The people who listened to the group at various gigs were very enthusiastic about what they heard. The extension of jazz and exotic rhythms proved very popular.

Integrating jazz with pattern structured rhythms was a challenge for all, but after some experimentation, the fusion became successful. After many experiments extending over a long period and with many different musicians the members of the today's Ritmo Jazz Group found their own style. Since 2012 the cuban vocalist Raymaluz is member of the Group. The experiments are going on...

In 1998 Julio César Pinillos, a musician from Cuba, joined the session group and together with him and Juerg Scherrer Hans created a computer based Latin Jazz CD Allgorythm.

The instrumental Latin Jazz Group combines
african and afrocuban rhythms with jazz